Credit and debit cards are today’s consumer currency. It is no longer an option for businesses to not accept credit cards — customers and vendors expect it. RB Merchant Services can help you meet those expectations with a range of full-service bankcard processing choices that will help you improve customer service, reduce accounts receivable, increase profits, and decrease operating expenses. RB Merchant Services offers a wide range of full-service bankcard processing alternatives designed to strengthen your customer relationships and improve your profitability. Plus, there’s so much more.

Flexible Pricing

Fast, reliable, and uninterrupted transaction processing is crucial to the success of your business.

  • Flexible, unbundled pricing allows you to qualify for the lowest interchange rates charged by Visa®, MasterCard®, or Discover Network.
  • No hidden costs — what we tell you before you sign the contract is what you’ll see in the contract and in your statement.

Reliable Technology

Your local RB Merchant Services representative works directly with you and Republic Bank to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your account.

  • We deliver state-of-the-art technology and equipment — including purchasing and leasing options.
  • Automatically accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Network.
  • Terminals also can authorize other major cards, including American Express®, Diner’s Club®, Carte Blanch®, JCB®, and most debit networks.

Rapid Availability of Funds

Funds from your credit and debit card transactions are deposited electronically into your business checking account within two business days following the settlement of your terminal.

The Protection of Risk Services

The integrity of the transaction is the foundation of your business and ours. Risk analysts monitor daily deposit activity for thousands of merchants. Using one of the most versatile and efficient risk management systems in the industry, a staff monitors retrieval requests, chargebacks, and card association reports to detect potential issues before they become problems.

Easy-to-Read Monthly Processing Statements

You won’t need a translator to understand your monthly statements. Your statements will be condensed, easy to read, broken down by deposit and fee transaction type, and provided before fees are withdrawn from your account. This allows you to balance and reconcile monthly.

Bankcard Service

Accepting credit and debit cards is an integral part of the success of your business. The total bankcard solution offered by RB Merchant Services will help you meet your customer expectations enabling you to strengthen customer relationships and drive profitability.

Gift Card Program

Whether you’re just starting out or need a fully customized program, the ValueTec® gift card and loyalty card packages are designed just for you. Options include cards personalized with your business name, advertising materials to promote your cards, and account setup, training, and user guides to ensure your program is running efficiently.