Transfer money from a different account at a different financial institution

This option allows you to transfer money from an existing account you own at another financial institution. This process may take 2-4 business days before your account is open. This method includes receiving test transactions to verify your existing account at another financial institution.

Transfer money from one of these accounts at Republic Bank of Chicago or your verified account at a different financial institution

An internal transfer is when you authorize Republic Bank of Chicago to transfer your opening deposit from a deposit account you already own at Republic Bank of Chicago. This transfer is processed immediately upon successful completion of this application however, the funds may not be made available right away. You may also choose to transfer funds from a previously verified account at a different financial institution.

Credit/Debit Card

If your Visa or Mastercard bill is sent to your home address (No P.O. Box addresses permitted) you may open your new account using your credit or debit card.  A purchase, not a cash advance, will appear on your account. This process validates your mailing address as well.


Once you complete the application, you may either mail us a check to the address that is provided at the end of your application, or visit any local RBC branch to make a deposit. A deposit must be made within 25 days for the account to remain open.