School may be out for summer but the student interns at the Economic Awareness Council (EAC) are hard at work. Their summer program employs 17 high school and college aged interns that focus on the organization’s mission of educating youth on financial literacy.

Using our downtown location (120 W. Madison) as their summer central command station allows the interns to gain financial knowledge and training experience, in addition to helping the organization plan for the upcoming school year. “We started the summer program because the financial needs of students don’t end when school lets out,” said Tracy Frizell, Executive Director of EAC, “Many students find seasonal employment and are not knowledgeable on the benefits of having checking and savings accounts; causing them to pay high fees to cash their paychecks.”

Part of the interns’ responsibilities are to teach their peers about opening checking accounts, establishing budgets, creating and obtaining savings goals, as well as maintaining and improving credit scores. Throughout the summer the interns attend dozens of events to educate and encourage other students. “We are grateful to Republic Bank for welcoming us. Working in a professional bank setting gives our interns the experience and confidence to succeed at events and in their future,” said Frizell.

It is easily gleaned that the EAC is passionate about achieving its goal. While the organization emphasizes working with youth with limited resources, anyone can benefit from this organization. In addition to working with students, the EAC works with families to teach them about managing their finances and with young entrepreneurs who are looking to build their own businesses. The organization also produces a quarterly magazine designed to offer peer-to-peer guidance while teaching its managing staff of students how to run a publication.

To learn more about the Economic Awareness Council take a look at their website; which, true to their focus, is managed by students.

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