Money Services Business (MSB) Division

An RB Business Solution®

Count on us to provide you with prompt and convenient financial services. You will find everything that your business needs, including cash ordering services, working capital lines of credit, back room processing expertise, and financing facilities. Above all, you will find knowledgeable experts who understand the business and who are dedicated to serving it exclusively.

Businesses We Serve

The MSB Division primarily serves established U.S. domestically based companies in the following industries.

  • Retail Storefront Alternative Financial Service Providers
  • Online Alternative Financial Service Providers
  • Prepaid Card Programs
  • Domestically Originated Money Transmission Services

Our Commitment

Republic Bank has an MSB Division dedicated to servicing the industry. We offer credit facilities and accounts nationwide from our Oak Brook, IL, headquarters. We’re committed to helping U.S. based Money Services Business Industry grow by providing exceptional, knowledgeable service and continued product innovation.

Funds Availability

  • Same-day availability for deposits
  • Cash orders charged on day of delivery rather than day ordered

Credit Facilities

  • Acquisition/expansion loans based on the value of the business
  • Working capital lines of credit
  • Building and leasehold improvement loans
  • Letters of credit
  • Sweep lines for cash orders

Back Room Operations Expertise

  • Specialized operations in areas exclusively servicing MSB customers
  • Customized, expedited handling of returned items, with copies faxed or emailed to you daily
  • Separate Customer Service Department for MSB customers
  • Expert and prompt processing of forgery claims

Cash Management Services

  • Electronic access to account information
  • Sweep accounts and cash concentration accounts
  • Electronic funds transfer
  • Electronic download of money order clearings
  • Money order truncation

Underwriting Loans

  • Loan-to-Value (“LTV”)
  • Cash flow
  • U.S. domestically based
  • Liquidity
  • Leverage
  • Types
  • Personal credit history
  • Corporate credit history
  • Past satisfactory banking account relationship

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