Northwestern University Kellogg Alumni Club Chicago met at Republic Bank in Oak Brook on February 5 for a presentation by Professor Tim Calkins, author of How to Wash a Chicken. The group enjoyed a reception with light hors d’oeuvre while discussing The Kellogg Bowl: 2020 Super Bowl Advertising Review.

Each year, Kellogg MBA students work alongside Professor Calkins and Professor Derek Rucker to rate the advertisements aired during the Super Bowl using six research-based criteria: Attention, Distinction, Positioning, Linkage, Amplification, and Net Equity. Attendees at the event engaged in a similar workshop, viewing commercials from the Super Bowl and voting anonymously on their effectiveness.

This is Republic Bank’s second year hosting the Kellogg Alumni Club’s event with Professor Calkins. For more information about The Kellogg Bowl, click here.

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