A lot has been reported about different ways people use the internet to hack into other people’s accounts or even spy on those around them. For many, using the internet may be a little scary; you may feel your privacy is being invaded. Or, you generally don’t feel safe performing online transactions.

The reality is, if you use the proper precautions, you are just as safe using the internet as you are making a transaction anywhere else, especially if you use cash. Let’s take a look at some helpful hints to staying safe on the internet and how to maximize online transaction safety.

  • When filling out any sort of application or payment form, be sure to put information only in the fields with asterisks, which usually indicates required information. Avoid putting information in pre-selected checkboxes on an application or form to avoid future spam or unwanted e-mail.
  • Don’t open e-mail attachments that come from a suspicious source or from people you don’t know.
  • Be cautious when downloading any type of file from the internet. Sometimes files may contain harmful elements for your computer. Make sure the source of the download is legitimate.
  • Keep your anti-virus and anti-spyware programs updated for maximum protection.
  • Do not use an internet site that is not secure. Make sure you do business only with companies that provide privacy and security features.

Using caution is the best defense for any type of hacker or another internet issue when it comes to online transactions.

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Take care of your information as you would your children or any other member of your family. You will be less likely to be a victim of any type of fraud or tampering.

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