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Chicago was built with hard work and elbow grease. We see that entrepreneurial spirit in our business clients every day. And we know that you have it too.

Whether you want to build your business, manage your cash flow, or enhance your employees' benefits, Republic Bank of Chicago is ready to help you take things to the next level.

Loans to Fuel Your Growth
Lines of credit and term and working capital loans designed to boost profitability and prepare for growth.

Fine Tune Your Cash Flow
Receive your cash sooner, keep it longer, and maximize your earning potential.

Give More Work Perks to Your Employees
Offer your employees exclusive benefits like Early Pay, where they can get paid up to two days early.


VP, Branch Sales Manager
P: 630-908-1818
E: [email protected]
NMLS #424014
Paul is a dynamic, client-focused leader who is strongly committed to your business' success. Connect with Paul to learn more about Republic Bank's capabilities and how we've served businesses like yours for nearly 60 years.

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