Republic Bank of Chicago recently sponsored the People’s Resource Center Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event The celebration allows PRC employees to recognize volunteers and thank them for all they do. This year’s celebration was the biggest gathering to date, with 240 guests present. Over 60 new volunteers attended for the first time.

“People’s Resource Center depends on their volunteers to deliver their services. We understand the importance of what they provide to families and individuals in need, and were privileged to participate in the event which honors their volunteers”, shared Whitney Cimaglia, Republic Bank VP/Branch Sales Manager.

The center serves nearly 30,000 neighbors each year and depends on over 2,000 volunteers to support their initiatives.

“What we love most about People’s Resource Center is that they help in so many ways! We have volunteered to help in their food pantry and teach art classes, and we’ve provided books, art supplies and toys for birthday bags that are given to young children visiting the food pantry during their birthday month,” exclaimed proud volunteer Tricia Murray. “This example of giving and sharing has encouraged our children to help as well. We volunteer together to support their wonderful cause!”

Republic Bank provided a monetary donation for the event. “Republic Bank’s generous donation enabled us to purchase over 50 raffle prizes for our event! It greatly added to the excitement of the day,” noted Linda Cheatham, People’s Resource Center Interim Executive Director. “We can’t thank them enough for partnering with PRC to celebrate all that our volunteers do in the community.”

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Pictured are volunteers and raffle prize recipients Talula and Tricia Murray.

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