Application Requirements

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The following information will help us quickly determine your eligibility, and provide you with a smooth application process.:

Income Documents

  • Last 30 days pay check stubs – computer generated, include year-to-date totals
  • Last two (2) years Personal Tax Returns (all pages)
  • Last two (2) years W2’s & K-1 forms (if applicable) for each borrower
  • Last two (2) years Business Tax Returns (if own ≥ 25% of business)
  • Other Income:
    • Most recent awards letters for social security and/or pension income
    • Divorce Decree/Court order – if using Alimony/Child Support to qualify

Asset Statements

  • Last two (2) months bank statements (all pages)
  • Last two (2) retirement statements (all pages)

Property Info

  • Mortgage Statements – all financed properties
  • Home Equity Loan Statements (if applicable)
  • Real Estate tax bill – all financed properties
  • Homeowners Insurance Declaration Page – all financed properties
  • Listing Sheet

Credit Info

  • Explanation regarding purpose of refinance proceeds
  • Explanation regarding any recent credit inquiries or derogatory credit
  • Court entered divorce decree (if applicable)
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