Purchase a Home. A Family Member Can Help.

Family Assist™ is designed to offer home loans to individuals that may be unqualified, by having a family member with good credit as a guarantor.

You don’t need to worry about your employment or credit situation if you want to buy a home. With Republic Bank’s Family Assist™, you can get a home loan regardless of your credit, by having a family member with good credit act as a guarantor. If you had credit issues due to any of these past circumstances, Republic Bank may be able to help:

• Recent Bankruptcy or Foreclosure
• Unemployment or Loss of Job
• Collections

Contact your helpful Republic Bank representative to get all the details on how Family Assist™ can help you. Family Assist™ is just one of a wide range of lending solutions that you can only find at Republic Bank. Let us help you get back in a home today!

Contact a lender for details.