As a business major the amount of industries and specializations you can pursue is overwhelming! How do you decide what to do especially if you haven’t experienced them in a professional setting?

A summer internship at Republic Bank of Chicago will help you answer that question. Our various departments are focused on providing you real-world experience while you decide what your future career may be.

  • Credit Administration
  • Commercial Lending
  • Residential Lending
  • Wealth Management
  • Money Services Business
  • Treasury Management
  • Retail Operations
  • Lending Operations
  • Deposit Operations
  • Marketing
  • Finance (Corporate Accounting)
  • Bank Sponsorship Programs
  • Compliance
  • Legal
  • Risk
  • Business Solutions (Data Analytics)
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology & Security
  • Innovation (Project Management & Business Analysis)

With all of these options we want to make sure you find the department that best suits you so we asked our 2019 interns to describe what working at Republic Bank of Chicago has meant to them to help you make that decision!

Please note, while a candidate’s interest in a specific department is considered while placing them, it is not a guarantee that they will receive their first choice. Internships in all of our bank departments are beneficial to students interested in careers in business, accounting, or finance.

2019 Summer Interns

  • Read what our previous interns had to say…

    “An internship at Republic Bank of Chicago isn’t characteristic of traditional busy work internships; it is a hands-on professional experience that is tailored to your strengths and major. Before my internship here, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pursue a career in data analytics, but after creating and analyzing dozens of reports with the Business Solutions Department I have gained the knowledge, expertise, and enjoyment that come with a data analytics career.”
    – William | Business Analytics

    “The Human Resources department is filled with people that truly care about the employees of Republic Bank of Chicago and being their intern has allowed me to help them in different tasks to make Republic Bank of Chicago employees more satisfied in their careers. Interning at the bank exposed me to many things; such as interviewing potential employees, how to assess what employees need to be satisfied with their work life, and how to research the changing employment policies and laws. This internship has also allowed me to use many of the skills I have learned in my classes in a career setting.”
    – Jayden | Human Resources

    “Working in the Credit Department has taught me the importance of determining risk and whether a customer or business is applicable of receiving a loan based on analyzing prior financial statements. Understanding the credit side of the bank allows one to have a better feel for the rest of a bank’s operations throughout.”
    – Matthew | Credit Administration

    “As a Marketing Intern, you will learn a lot about how to present a company to customers. One of the most important skills I acquired was understanding the importance and approaches to maintaining our brand. Furthermore, through this internship, I experienced first-hand what it’s like to navigate a professional environment which a skill that I believe is very important.”
    – Meru | Marketing

    “I had a great summer interning at Republic Bank of Chicago! While working with the Deposit Operations Department, I learned about fraud detection and was able to apply my accounting knowledge from college in my day-to-day tasks!”
    – Kelli | Deposit Operations

    “I interned in the Residential Lending Department where I got to work closely beside the loan officers, loan processors, and underwriters to learn what each of their roles entail. It was intriguing to learn everything about the processes of a loan, how to render a credit decision, how to calculate a borrowers income, and the regulatory rules surrounding the mortgage industry. I also had the opportunity to help advertise the No-Money Down Program by creating postcards that the loan officers sent out to various realtors. Additionally, the people I worked with welcomed me with open arms and were willing to teach me everything they know!”
    – Lauren | Residential Lending

    “Working in the Bank Sponsorship Department at Republic Bank of Chicago was a great experience that really helped get me a step ahead for the future.”
    – Nathan | Bank Sponsorship Programs

    “As a Business Analyst in the IT department I worked on requirement documentation to improve current processes within the bank. The process currently consists of paper copies or information is sent through email, so it is really cool to be working on a project that will help increase efficiency within the bank and be on the forefront of automating all bank processes.”
    – David | IT & Innovation

  • Commonly Asked Questions…

    Will I be part of a team of interns?
    You may be the only intern in your department, but you will be part of a summer long intern project that you will work on as a team with the other interns. Previous interns have found this project to be beneficial as you learn to communicate efficiently, gain leadership experience, and present your project to the executive team at the bank at the end of the summer.

    Will the work I do at Republic Bank of Chicago be meaningful?
    Republic Bank of Chicago strives to ensure the projects and tasks that you complete will be beneficial to your departments as well as to your future. There will be training given in the various departments as needed, and you will also have the opportunity to ask questions, as well as for guidance, at any time. While some of your tasks may be providing administrative support, the majority of the work you do will directly relate to what your department is currently working on.

    What will my day to day work look like?
    Your day-to-day work varies depending on your department. At the beginning of the summer, you will meet with your manager to discuss both your priorities for the internship as well as the department’s goals. Everyone has different styles of working and this can make your schedule vary from projects with deadlines and the freedom to complete them when you decide, to scheduled blocks of time for each task. You can also expect to attend meetings and presentations with your manager and even members of the executive team when they relate to the work you are doing!

    What is the difference between working in the Credit and the Finance Departments?
    Credit works closely with the Commercial Lending team to analyze external commercial clients’ financial information when they apply for a loan. They analyze the data and determine if the bank can agree to a loan in the terms the client has requested. Credit then creates and presents the report to our executive team to be reviewed and approved.

    Finance analyzes the bank’s internal financial information to ensure the bank is making smart financial decisions to remain profitable. Like any business, Finance also manages business functions such as budgeting and forecasting, accounts payable and receivable, expenses, financial reporting to the board of directors, interest rate risk, cash flows, and audits.

We hope this information has given you insight to our internship program. We are looking forward to showing you the Republic Way – which is our motto for providing excellent service – and are excited for what your future holds.