Republic Bank has proudly committed support to the Odyssey Golf Foundation, a non-profit golf facility located in Tinley Park. The Foundation offers Veterans and Active Military instructional golf, outings, and golf programs. In addition, Special Needs Individuals of all ages are provided with instructional golf in collaboration with qualified partner organizations. The Foundation also offers fundraising programs for other non-profit organizations.

Why golf? For veterans and active duty service members, the journey back to civilian life can be difficult. Many veterans face challenges ranging from physical disabilities to PTSD. Playing golf in a serene, natural setting can be beneficial for both the body and mind. The activity can relieve stress, anxiety and depression. And golf helps people form meaningful social connections.

“The Foundation offers a highly unique and engaging way to recognize and continually support our nation’s veterans,” noted Tom Bugielski, Republic Bank President and CEO. “We applaud their efforts and encourage others to support their mission.”

As part of their commitment to promoting the physical, social and emotional well-being of those who’ve served our country, Odyssey Golf Foundation offers veterans and active duty service members free golf instruction and specially discounted rates on greens fees, golf outings and driving range visits.

Veterans are getting involved in everything the Foundation has to offer, and their appreciation is evident. “There is one day a year that is dedicated to recognizing us for our service, but here, we are recognized every day,” exclaimed Fred Hammar, Retired US Air Force, First Class and frequent event attendee.

The course, open to the public, uses the revenue generated from golf greens fees, outings, sponsorships and donations to deliver programs and services to its beneficiaries. The Foundation has already provided over 15,000 rounds of golf to veterans. Over 5,000 people have attended non-profit fundraisers at the golf course. Plans for 2018 include 25 veteran golf outings, free weekly instructional golf sessions, discounted golf every day for all veteran members and the expansion of Special Needs programs.

“Our mission is to enhance the well-being of Veterans and Special Needs Individuals by empowering them with the therapeutic benefits attributed to the game of golf.” declared Lisa Halikias, Executive Director. “Republic Bank’s generous support is critical in helping us meet our mission.”

Learn more about the Odyssey Golf Foundation, schedule a tee time, book an event, become a sponsor or make a donation by visiting

About the Odyssey Golf Foundation

The Odyssey Golf Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides the therapeutic and recreational benefits of golf to Veterans, Active Military and Special Needs Individuals.

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