Republic Bank of Chicago believes in community. We enjoy participating in our neighborhoods. Working off those ideas, we want to provide the same atmosphere on our social media platforms as we do in our banking centers. Our community guidelines discuss how to maintain the type of atmosphere you can expect from Republic Bank of Chicago. Can’t wait to hear from you!

The Basics:

  • Be respectful, please. Treat others with courtesy and respect at all times, even if you strongly disagree with what they are saying.
  • Stay on topic. If you want to talk about something else make a new post.
  • Keep your personal information confidential. Don’t post information that could identify your accounts or other personal information.
  • Post original content. Be careful not to post copyright information without permission.
  • If we notice posts that disregard our guidelines we will remove them to keep our community safe.

Your Comments:

Our social media pages are public because we want to hear from everyone in our community. Anyone can post and view our social media pages. We are only responsible for content we post. The views expressed by the public on our pages are not our views.

Another thing to consider before posting on our public pages is that your comments may be viewed publically in search engine results. If you realize after posting something that you’re not comfortable with, you can delete it. We won’t take offense. We want to make sure you’re at ease.

We look forward to your comments, and we will respond back when appropriate.

Ask them! One of the reasons we’re on social media is to help you. Please ensure your questions do not contain personal information or account sensitive information. Remember, your post will be public.  We will answer your question as fast as we can.

We take your complaints very seriously and want to ensure any issues are dealt with properly. Our social media pages are not the right place to file a complaint. However, if you do post a comment that could be considered a complaint, legal notice, claim, demand, or any other notice we will contact you regarding the matter. We may take down the post if it violates our policies or puts your personal information in jeopardy.

Community Safety:
If a post looks like or is a scam, criminal content or a virus, we will delete it immediately. We have the right to ban anyone from our pages if they abuse our guidelines. We will also report any social media activity we deem inappropriate or criminal to the proper authorities.

Inappropriate Content:
As stated before, comments that are inappropriate will be deleted. These comments include anything that is harassing, profane, obscene, suggestive, disruptive, solicitous,  indecent, sexually explicit, pornographic, threatening, abusive, defamatory, derogatory, discriminatory, hate speech, or if the comment is unrelated to the topic at hand. Also, if we know the comment is libelous or untrue it will be deleted. Comments that we consider inappropriate will immediately, without warning, be deleted.  If we view the comments and have the inclination that there is a potential for that comment to become inappropriate, we may comment as a reminder to stay within the guidelines. Reminders or warnings may not always be issued. If we believe a comment is spam or may contain a virus we will also delete the comment. A comment could also be deleted if it is a duplicate of a previous comment. When that occurs, if the comment becomes spam-like in nature, it will be removed.

Social media is a great way for us to share information. When we find it to be interesting or helpful information, we will pass it along in a link on our social media pages. Just because we are sharing the information does not mean we endorse the information. We are just simply sharing it.

Privacy and Securities:
When you post to our social media pages you are sharing your views publicly. This means we can also share or republish your ideas when credited properly in our advertising or marketing materials. This isn’t as concerning as it seems. Here’s a good example. If you were very happy with service from a Republic Bank employee during a trip to our banking center, you may post to one of our social media platforms recognizing the individual who provided the positive experience. We may use that comment in advertisements to show that our employees are great or we may use it to honor the employee for their actions, we will not attribute it to you unless we have your permission.