rb_newspostyouthcrossroadsThe Youth Leadership Program at Youth Crossroads recently received a philanthropic grant from the Berwyn Development Corp and trustee,  Republic Bank of Chicago, for their documentary film.

The team’s film, which focuses on teen depression and anxiety, was created in order to provide greater awareness of important social issues and the value of youth to the local community. They premiered their first documentary film, “Finding Our Way, The Struggle with Anxiety and Depression in Urban Youth”  at the Berwyn Park District’s Liberty Cultural Center.

“Our role as a trustee, in support of the BDC, allows us the opportunity to contribute to the great work they do to promote our community and the organizations that positively impact the city of Berwyn. The Youth Leadership Program at Youth Crossroads is a prime example, and just one of over 300 organizations we support together” explained Diane Salemi, Republic Bank Branch Sales Manager.

Pictured are some of the Youth Crossroads filmmakers at their film premiere.

To learn more about the Berwyn Development Corporation visit berwyn.net.

To learn more about Youth Crossroads visit youthcrossroads.org.

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