We recognize the importance of being a fiscally sound bank, especially in this current economic environment. With $213 million in capital strength and a capital-to-asset ratio over 10.71%, we exceed the federal definition for a “well capitalized” bank.


Statement of Condition

June 30, 2019

Assets Dollars (in Thousands)*
Cash & Cash Equivalent 167,059
Investments — Securities 234,247
Loans, net 1,477,521
Premises & Equipment 60,723
Other Assets 46,353
Total Assets  1,985,903
Liabilities & Shareholder’s Equity Dollars (in Thousands)*
Deposits 1,695,038
Borrowed Funds 55,000
Other Liabilities 23,200
Total Liabilities
Equity 212,665
Total Liabilities & Shareholder’s Equity
*This statement has not been reviewed, or confirmed for accuracy or relevance, by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).


Republic Bank of Chicago is pleased to present these facts concerning the capital structure of our bank. A “Well Capitalized” financial institution, as defined by the FDIC, is an institution that meets the following guidelines:
June 30, 2019 “Adequately Capitalized” “Well Capitalized” Republic Bank
Total Capital Ratio 8.00% 10.00% 12.79%
Tier 1 Capital 6.00% 8.00% 11.59%
Total Common Equity Tier 1 4.50% 6.50% 11.59%
Tier 1 Leverage Ratio 4.00% 5.00% 10.72%

Republic Bank of Chicago is proud of these ratios, confirming our status as one of the most “Well Capitalized” banks in the Midwest. The extraordinary capital structure fuels the strong growth and continued independence of Republic Bank of Chicago. To our existing customers, we extend our gratitude for allowing us to be their financial institution of choice. To our prospective customers, we challenge you to experience the benefits that our strong capital, independence, and focused banking expertise can bring to your next project.