Supporting Local Business for More Than 55 Years

Chicago was built with great ideas and elbow grease. We see that entrepreneurial spirit in our business customers every day. Whether you want to build your business or manage cash flow, we are ready with banking solutions to help you write your own success story.

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Loans to Fuel Your Growth

You need help to take your business to the next level. We have lines of credit, working capital and term loans, and treasury management services. Let us tailor a business solution to help you boost profitability and prepare for growth.

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Stay on Track

Is your money working hard enough for you? With our business tools, you can pay bills automatically, track expenses, and maximize earnings. You’ll love our fast, reliable, and uninterrupted transaction processing for your business.

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Fine Tune Your Cash Flow

With our suite of cash management services, your business will be able to better receive, manage, and pay out money. You will benefit by receiving cash sooner, keeping it longer, and maximizing your earning potential.

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Give More Work Perks

Our unique package of products and services offers your employees bank benefits that average banking customers can’t get.

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Bank on Your Time

Get 24/7 access to all your financial services with an Online Business Banking account. Enjoy a wealth of features at your fingertips, including 18 months of transaction history.

The City of Big Ideas

Chicagoans have pioneered innovations that changed the world. Inventor Martin Cooper unveiled the first cell phone for Motorola in 1973. Architect William LeBaron Jenney built the first skyscraper on a revolutionary steel frame in 1885. How can we help you make your mark in Chicago? Visit our business center for inspiration.