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A home equity line from Republic Bank of Chicago may be the perfect solution to tackle whatever is on your to-do list.

Home Equity Lines of Credit

A home equity line enables you to borrow against your home’s equity to get the funds you need to tackle whatever is on your to-do list.

And, with 7.50% APR1 for 12 months, there’s nothing standing in your way.

  • Home improvements
  • Debt consolidation
  • Major purchases
  • Education expenses
  • And so much more!

Put your home to work for you today with a home equity line of credit where you can withdraw cash as you need it and only pay interest on the money you have withdrawn.  The interest rate is indexed to the prime rate as posted in the Wall Street Journal and changes along with Federal Reserve rate changes, usually making it far more affordable than a standard credit card.

It's about more than debits and credits.

At Republic Bank, it’s important to us to provide you with the resources you need to have a bright financial future.

Explore our posts and learn more about credit score myths, savings strategies, the benefits of smaller local banks, and more.

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Get answers.

At Republic Bank, our bankers work hard to learn your story and become your advocate.

Get connected with us and put Chicago’s hardworking bank to work for you today.

1Subject to credit approval. Property insurance required for all loans secured by property. Rates are subject to change daily. Contact Republic Bank for current rates. This product (first mortgage home equity line of credit) has a draw period of 10 years, after which any outstanding balance will result in a fixed balloon payment. If an auto debit from a Republic Bank Checking account is established at the time the line is opened, a promotional fixed Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 7.50% will apply for the first twelve (12) months after the date the account is established (the “Promotional Period”). After the Promotion Period expires, the terms and conditions of the Variable Rate Feature will apply. This means that the monthly minimum payment may increase after the Promotional Period. The 9.75% APR is based on 75% LTV for $100,000 approved line at Prime + 0.00% or 4.25%, whichever is higher, with a maximum APR of 18%. The margin may increase or decrease (-0.50% to +3.10%) based on loan-to-value (up to 80%), credit score, property type, and loan amount (up to $500,000). The APR in indexed to the Prime Rate as posted in the Wall Street Journal. As of  07/27/2023, Prime is 8.50%. If a credit line is closed within the first 36 months, a fee of 2% of the credit line up to $750 may be charged. Offer is available for new Home Equity Line of Credit clients only. An annual fee of $65 applies and will be charged to your account after the first year and every year thereafter on the anniversary date. All loans offered through Republic Bank of Chicago. APR and margin apply to owner-occupied dwellings only. Offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice

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