Services for Prepaid Card Sellers & Program Managers

Republic Bank of Chicago is an experienced and trusted issuing bank partner for your prepaid program, with expertise in general purpose reloadable, payroll and niche payment disbursements. Our staff has a strong background in MSBs/alternative financial service providers and their distribution channels, offering you a bank partner with long term stability.


We tailor to your unique needs including program manager sponsorships, white label sponsorships and retailer programs.

A Proven Program

Our program is known for it’s robust, in-house AML transaction monitoring, streamlined approval processes, strong prepaid compliance program and competitive pricing. And we participate in most major PIN, Signature and ATM networks.

Supporting feature rich programs, including:

  • Early pay for government benefits and direct deposits
  • Surcharge free ATM networks
  • In-store cash and check loads
  • Mobile deposits
  • Convenience checks
  • Bill Pay
  • Card to card transfers
  • Secondary cards

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